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We created the world's first online
addiction care program for you.

Created by recovered addicts, for addicts, and backed by the National Science Foundation.

How Workit Works

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1. Sign Up

No waitlists ever. Start today with immediate intake, and for Workit Clinic get same week appointments.

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2. Choose a Track

Get treatment for opiates, alcohol, smoking, and more. Pick a program that's perfect for you.

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3. Start Getting Better

Your recovery starts today. Access your addiction coach, program, and medical care team 24/7.

Did you know? You can now use your HSA/FSA to pay for Workit.

A few years ago I got hooked on pain meds prescribed by my doctor. Workit has been the first thing that’s worked. I got real doctors, real support, no BS. Just what I need.
— Terry, Workit Clinic Member

How People Like You Are Using Workit

*All names & personal details changed for confidentiality, of course.


Struggling? You aren't alone. 

1 out of 3 people faces some form of addiction. We're here to help you through it.



We have an 80% success rate and experts to back us up.

We’re powering a new type of addiction care. Together with our partner the National Science Foundation, we’re a community of providers and recovered addicts dedicated to making addiction care better through technology, experience, and design.

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Personalized for You

We're all unique (hurrah!). But with the differences in our goals and lifestyles, the idea of a mass-market addiction treatment is outdated. The most compelling research on addiction is for specific populations. Let us find the right solution for you.


Which track is right for you?

Simple, transparent pricing


Workit Core


Completely personalized treatment plan built around your goals and needs, plus 24/7 online program access wherever you are.

Best for:
Risky Use
Friend & Family Support

Workit Coach


Unlimited chats with your coach, weekly 1:1 coach meetings,  personalized treatment plan, and a dedicated Workit Care team.

Best for:
Substance Use Disorder
Friend & Family Support

Workit Clinic


Workit Coach, plus dedicated prescribing MD, medication management and medication-assisted treatment (Suboxone).

Best for:
Opiate Use Disorder